Ima, what are latkes?


Chanukah sameach! Love this holiday (ok, I love them all, but still), so here’s a little “real life in Israel” story for you to add some holiday cheer.

I was walking on Emek Refaim with two of my kids, and we walked past Tzidkiyahu, the ready-made food store. I’m a pretty loyal customer of theirs since I often buy Shabbat food there (public service announcement: their alei gefen are the best in all of Israel).

Anyways, Aiman, their Arab store manager, was standing outside and asked me if I would be buying there this Shabbat. I said yes, and he said, in Hebrew, “Good, we’ll have latkes for Chanukah!” I said great, since latkes made by someone else are my way to roll, and we parted.

My kids turn to me and say, “Ima, what are latkes?”

(Explanation for those who don’t get why I think this is funny: basically, Aiman, who certainly does not have roots in Eastern European Jewish and Yiddish culture, knows more Yiddish than my Israeli-born children. “Latkes” is the Yiddish word for the traditional potato pancakes made on Chanukah, but my kids only knew them by the Hebrew word, “levivot”! Thanks to Aiman, they now know just a little more Yiddish.)

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You know when you’re rushing to leave the office and you shut down your computer, and it says “1 update out of 15, do not unplug” and it spends the next fifteen minutes updating while you nervously stare at the screen willing it to go faster and your kids call every two minutes to see where you are?


Damn you, Microsoft Windows and your 15 updates