Rant about the interwebz

Personal rant here, which should be totally relegated to the category of first world problems.

Here are things that drive me crazy these days on the interwebz:

  1. All the people self-righteously unfriending people. First of all, these are emotional, difficult times. Can you not take a bit of craziness in your friends? Second, it’s always announced so dramatically, like “I am now unfriending people. Some of you may survive this, and some may not. May the odds be ever in your favor.” For goodness sake.
  2. “Viral” article titles, that inevitably use the word SHOCKED!, as in “This chicken crossed the street, I was SHOCKED when I saw what happened next.” Oh, and it always refers to what HAPPENED NEXT. Stop the madness.
  3. Pokes. Have Pokes come back into style? Why are people poking me all of a sudden?

The end. Now back to our regularly scheduled war.


Missiles above my head

This literally happened above my head on my arrival to Tel Aviv. Thank God for Iron Dome. Now on to my meeting. Surreal.

Here’s how I ended up on the street while missiles were being shot down: the siren went off while I was in an underground parking lot so I didn’t hear it. My phone went Yo (as in, the Yo app announced the air raid siren by saying “Yo”), but I didn’t realize the siren was in that area. When I got to street level I started to get the idea that the siren may have been there, but nobody seemed very worried and there were people on the street. So I went out and see people looking at the sky. They explained why. Being out there anyways, and not seeing anything falling, I took the picture.