Hadag Nachash: time to wake up

I just got back from the HaDag Nachash concert at Chutzot Hayotzer. It was seriously one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Here are the highlights:

  1. Their music is amazing, but it’s so much more powerful when heard live.
  2. They are all about the music. What I mean is, they all looked like they had grabbed the nearest t-shirt and run out the door. Guy, the DJ, wasn’t even wearing shoes. So their performance isn’t about fancy appearances, but about purely awesome music. (Though the light effects were really great.)
  3. Their music is infused with so many cultures and styles: there was the guy on the sax and another on the Ud; songs with Arabic, and touches of Bob Marley, The Beatles and even Hair.
  4. They’re originally from Jerusalem so there are a lot of mentions of the city, and the audience was pretty thrilled to have them. When they sang “Hinei ani bah” and “Yom Shishi” at the end, even I and the old guy in the row in front of me were on our feet and dancing.
  5. They came on the stage singing “HaDag Nachash osim hip hop tzioni”. They do.
  6. When they sang “Hakol yistader” you felt like they were trying to give us all hope, that despite how tough things are, we’ve gotten though other bad times.
  7. When the music for the sticker song came on, they didn’t even have to sing. The audience knew all the words.

They are seriously one of the best bands ever. And here’s the song the audience literally begged them to play: “Zman Lehitorer” which means ït’s time to wake up”.


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