One thing nobody prepares you for when becoming a parent: the bottomless pit that is a teenage boy’s stomach.

Teenage boys and food

My no good very bad fadicha day

After being home all week with my sick kid, it came as no surprise that I woke up this morning feeling under the weather myself. But there was no way I wasn’t going to work, with everything that had piled up while I was gone weighing on me.

Feeling as I did, I didn’t have strength to wear anything remotely uncomfortable, or patience to spend time considering my options. I pulled out my jean skirt that is exactly the most unattractive length; put on a shirt with a brown and black flower pattern; because I was cold I also put on a grey sweater; and adorned my head with one of my shleppiest mitpachot. Oh, and thick black stockings with my oh-so-comfy bubby shoes. Clearly makeup was out of the question.

Pack of tissues in hand, I staggered out the door to head to work, wiping my nose as I went.

But I had forgotten one important detail: I had a meeting, and not just any meeting, but one with a team working on a project related to…religious women’s fashion. Every time they mentioned how hard it is for religious women to find fashionable modest clothing, I nodded vigorously in agreement, while they gazed at me with great sympathy in their fashion-conscious eyes.

If we do end up working together, it will be because they see me as the poster girl for the problem, and not the solution 🙂